Oct 022014

Something a little different for the site here!  For all your WordPress people out there, here is an amazing bundle with 8+ themes and tons of discounts for only $59!

I think I might be changing my site to one, just got to see which one fits the best!


Updates Coming!

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Aug 122013

I love recording gameplay…but man just realizing how much “more” time you need to get videos ready and uploaded.

Cube World Ep 5 coming and hopefully get my Minecraft videos rolling again!

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Jun 182012

This is an HD clip uploaded from my phone of the 2012 Hyperspace Hoopla at the end of the day at Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios…I am working on getting the full show uploaded.

I was surpised how well the sound and video came out…wish my hand wasn’t so shakey though!



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Feb 082012

Been having problems with my video conversions, but I plan on having all videos of all the space combat missions, at least up to what I have(currently level 43).

Additionally I have been enjoying PvP warzones as well, I am going to see how recording gameplay from those will work.

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Jan 052012

 I am sure I am not the only one that is excited when they heard the news of a new strategy based version of X-Com coming out. 

 This was one of the games from the early 90’s I remember growing up with and constantly trying to get DOSBOX or other emulaters to run it in Windows XP/7 enviroment.

Here’s hoping that it will live up the hype that I am atleast giving it!


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Under Construction

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Dec 052011

Welcome!! Please excuse the mess, working on getting my site up and going.

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