Jan 192014

Welcome to “Amplified Pillaging”! Two Pirates taking whatever we want!

Our goals are to find all of the loot this land has to offer from: Villages, Temples, Dungeons, Caves, the Nether, and eventually, to raid the End and get that Egg.

There are rules, however….

No crafting armor. Only mob-drops and whatever we find in chests. No crafting chests. If we find one, we can use it. We can only sleep in a checkpoint. (village, temple, etc.) and ABSOLUTELY No strip mining. Gotta cave to get the good stuff.

PLUS we will be picking some rules from all of you! Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Check out Joe’s point of view: http://www.youtube.com/joethepirate1

Follow us both on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jic317 https://twitter.com/JoeThePirate2

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