Learning Cube World with JIC! – Episode 1

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Jul 082013

So I am back from vacation now and Cube World alpha finally released…I remember reading about it a few months ago briefly but now it’s time to give it some play time!

Seen quite a few warrior/rogue gameplay videos out there, but hardly any mage ones, so I am going to give it a try.  This series of videos will be my exploration into the world with my mage and basically me learning the game with the viewers, I will try to do most of the traveling and grinding off camera unless its something interesting or I just feel like talking while walking.  This first video is from the beginning of creation up to my first mission attempt.

The sound FX volume control in the options doesn’t seem to work that great, so I apologize for the game sounds sometimes going over my voice…I will be trying something different on the next episodes to help with that.

You can get the game here: https://picroma.com/cubeworld